Is North Carolina Ignoring Science in Its Regulation of Hemp?

(Article by News Observer)

The N.C. House wants to put several additional regulations on the state’s newly legal hemp industry.

The regulations are part of a broader bill that passed the House 108-3 on Monday. The bill now goes to the Senate and could soon be law.

The push for tighter controls is based mostly on concerns that hemp farmers could use their plants – which look like marijuana but can’t get you high – to hide illegal marijuana growing operations.

Yet one legislator, Republican Rep. Larry Yarborough, said there’s almost no chance a criminal would want to do that.

If a marijuana plant “gets the pollen (from hemp) and goes to seed, it becomes worthless,” Yarborough said. “The THC goes away.”

PolitiFact NC reviewed research on the topic and spoke with scientists who have studied hemp, and rated Yarborough’s claim Mostly True. Read on to find out more about why no smart drug dealer would grow marijuana anywhere near hemp.

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