Colorado notched another nationwide first: certified domestic hemp seeds

In recent years, Colorado has flown far ahead of most other states in the freedom department. Thanks to their acceptance and legalization of recreational marijuana, Colorado has become a beacon of liberty to many Americans who don’t even live in the state. To us, Colorado represents the logical, freedom-loving values that our country was founded on.

They haven’t slowed down, either. It was recently reported that Colorado has become the first state in the nation to produce certified domestic hemp seeds. Keeping the trend going, this means that the seeds will produce plants that carry all of the benefits of cannabis without containing any considerable levels of THC like marijuana.

Kristen Wyatt of the Associated Press reports, “Hemp production was authorized by Congress in 2014. But farmers who want to grow it must have state certification to raise the crop. The industry estimates that fewer than 7,000 acres of hemp are being grown nationwide this year.”

Considering how rich and vibrant of a resource hemp is, it’s ridiculous that American farmers haven’t had the ability to grow it legally for decades now. What we know about the plant is that it could undoubtedly make all of our lives easier, yet for the powers that be, it represents them losing on money, so we know exactly why they have been fighting its legalization.

There is nothing harmful about cannabis. Whether it is hemp or marijuana, the plant is an excellent resource that improves lives and would boost the American economy to levels that are difficult to even fathom. During such tumultuous times as these, it’s disheartening to know that the globalist elite are preventing us from succeeding by unjustly demonizing a plant without any legitimate downsides. After all, it is just a plant.

While it’s annoying that this advancement is only taking place in Colorado, this is a win for the United States as a whole. The more the general public realizes that cannabis isn’t causing any harm, the more outspoken they are sure to become on the issue. It’s only a matter of time before cannabis is legalized across the entire country. Regardless of how powerful the globalists are, they simply cannot postpone the inevitable for much longer.

The American people are growing hungrier and hungrier for true freedom in this country. We’re getting closer every day, and Colorado’s support of hemp and marijuana is further proof of this.



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