ALL HEALING NUTRIENTS found in cannabis are made from carbon dioxide, the “miracle molecule” for plant life across our planet

When you hear celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio declare war on carbon dioxide, it’s hard not to roll your eyes and think “Smoke another one, Leo.” Of course, that wouldn’t really be possible if we somehow did manage to get rid of all the carbon dioxide on Earth. That’s because this life-giving molecule is essential to all plant life, including the cannabis that some of these anti-carbon dioxide proponents are so fond of.

As a matter of fact, all of the healing nutrients that are found in cannabis are made of this “miracle molecule.” You can’t have one without the other. Without carbon dioxide, you wouldn’t have THC, which can help with pain relief, nausea, asthma, post-traumatic stress disorder, and glaucoma, to name but a few conditions. Cannabis, with all its promise in helping everything from inflammation and nausea to anxiety, epilepsy, and cancer, simply wouldn’t exist without the carbon dioxide that it breathes. Have these people never heard of photosynthesis?

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, set out to show those who have taken the whole anti-carbon dioxide sentiment too far the errors of their ways in a video on Health Ranger Science called Carbon Dioxide: The Miracle Molecule of Life. If carbon dioxide were to suddenly disappear from our planet, you’d have to say goodbye to your green smoothie, cannabis, and everything else you consume, and pretty soon you’d be joining them in the great beyond because life cannot be sustained without it.

The video, which is a real eye-opener, explains what our world would look like without carbon dioxide, and it’s not a very pretty picture. It shows cities like Los Angeles, Toronto, Albuquerque and New York City without trees, grass, plants, animals and people, and the images are haunting. Adams says modern plants are actually starving for carbon dioxide, and our world would be more lush and green if there was slightly more of it. He points out that the hormones in your body, the Vitamin C in your fruit, and the cannabidiol in your hemp extract are all made of carbon, yet people continue to demonize it.

Not all carbon dioxide is bad

Poor air quality is absolutely killing people around the world, and particulate pollution emissions are a serious problem for many reasons. However, before jumping on the all-carbon-dioxide-is-bad bandwagon, it is important to realize that it is a matter of finding the right balance, not getting rid of it altogether. Some carbon dioxide is good – and Adams even argues that slightly higher levels than we have now would be beneficial – while extremely high levels in the atmosphere would be toxic. In short, carbon dioxide is not the enemy that many are making it out to be, and a basic grasp of middle school biology is all one needs to understand just how vital it is.

Those celebrities who are genuinely concerned about the environment would do well to channel their anti-carbon dioxide vitriol toward some of the real threats facing our environment today instead. Mass deforestation, heavy metal contamination in food and soil, Fukushima radiation, toxic biosludge fertilizing farms, and the herbicides and pesticides in our food supply are all killing life on Earth as we speak.


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